When I was fourteen I started working for a landscape company. I continued working for this company until I graduated from high school. The gentleman that owned the landscape company taught me all about the landscaping part of the business. He wanted me to continue working for him after I graduated and run the landscaping part of the business but after I graduated I met my wife to be and we had a son. I started working in a factory as a supervisor and time seemed to slip away. I kept in touch with the landscaping business by doing odd jobs for them because working with plants and lawns was what I always loved doing. As my son grew into a man and started working, I wanted something better than factory work for him. I had always wanted to start a lawn care business of my own. I just never seemed to have the time or money to start a business by myself. Then my grandson came along and I knew it had to be now or never. So nine years ago, I borrowed the money and started Rhoads Lawn Care. What a great decision it has been. I run the business while my son and brother do most of the work and my niece helps out too. Now my grandson wants to start working with us, even though he is too young. This business has a bright outlook and will be family owned and operated for a long time to come.

When you want a reliable and dependable company, Rhoads Lawn Care is the company to call.